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How could your compliance programme get more traction?

Welcome to
Untold Compliance

Through our proven training, facilitation and communication methodology we empower and educate in-house lawyers and compliance professionals to engage employees through the art and science of effective legal and compliance communications and training.


We are a group of leading legal, compliance and marketing minds who have spent their careers working with organisations to build successful legal and compliance programs.


Our Services

Grow together?

Our Frame Training Method™ team program gives you the speed and support needed

Grow on your own?

Our individual course takes you flexibily through our Frame Training Method™

Let us grow you?

Deployed in full, our Frame Training Method™ brings you legal expertise, design and delivery

At Untold Compliance we know that being disconnected from your audience means, we are here to connect you.


Nicole Rose

Nicole is a dual-qualified lawyer in the UK & Australia and is a proven compliance training specialist widely regarded as a global authority. Having worked with global brands including Deliveroo, Microsoft, Rabobank, ResMed, Airbus, Rolls Royce, Rio Tinto, Oxfam, Trace International, NACD, LinkedIn & more, Nicole is a well-established Legal specialist in MS, ESG, Compliance, Privacy, Human Rights & GenAI.