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Through our proven training, facilitation and communication methodology we empower and educate in-house lawyers and compliance professionals to engage employees through the art and science of effective legal and compliance communications and training.


We are a group of leading legal, compliance and marketing minds who have spent their careers working with organisations to build successful legal and compliance programs.


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Nicole Rose

Nicole is a dual-qualified lawyer in the UK & Australia and is a proven compliance training specialist widely regarded as a global authority. Having worked with global brands including Deliveroo, Microsoft, Rabobank, ResMed, Airbus, Rolls Royce, Rio Tinto, Oxfam, Trace International, NACD, LinkedIn & more, Nicole is a well-established Legal specialist in MS, ESG, Compliance, Privacy, Human Rights & GenAI.

Unlock the Secrets to Effective Legal and Compliance Training and Communications

Join Our Complimentary Frame Training Method™ Workshops!

Discover the methodology that has empowered employees in organizations like Airbus, City of London Police, Deliveroo, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Oxfam, Rabobank, Rio Tinto, ResMed, Rolls Royce, and many others. 

Join our complimentary 1-hour workshops on The Frame Training Method™, led by our founder, Nicole Rose. 

What Clients say

My business Rebel Leadership is deeply values-led and human-centred. So as a business owner recruiting my first delivery associates, I was keen to develop a contracting approach that was clear, consensual and communicated the brand in a powerful, interactive way.

Nicole Rose! Nicole’s approach to contracts is radically developmental – that is, rather than simply seeing contracts as an exercise in risk mitigation. she sees them as an opportunity for strengthening business relationships and building a positive, human-centred brand. As well as providing her impressive legal nous, thinking of every angle I might wish to cover, Nicole helped me design a contracting process through which associates would get to know my business, the terms and conditions, and our expectations from each other in a clear and cohesive way. I actually know they’ll read the contract now, rather than skim it, and that it will provide a strong foundation of mutual understanding for myself and my associates going forward.

 I wholeheartedly endorse Nicole and her work to any business leader seeking to approach contracting differently. Nicole was inspiring, diligent and supportive throughout this process. I guarantee you’ll learn so much working with her, the value you’ll receive on your investment will be immense.

Debbie Danon

Rebel Leadership,

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