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Discover the methodology that has empowered employees in organizations like Airbus, City of London Police, Deliveroo, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Oxfam, Rabobank, Rio Tinto, ResMed, Rolls Royce, and many others. 

Join our complimentary 1-hour workshops on The Frame Training Method™, led by our founder, Nicole Rose. 


Most organisations only focus on their immediate (buy now) customers – typically around 3 to 5% of your audience base.



Learn how to access the other 95 to 97%.

In This Workshop You Will Learn: 

1. Understanding your audience

Everyone has something to buy and something to sell, especially with legal and compliance.

2. The Reframe Technique:

Master the skill of reframing your training content to ensure your audience ‘buys’ into your message.

3. The Preframe Approach

Prepare your learners to absorb and retain information. Discover strategies to generate excitement about your content, regardless of length or topic.

4. Effective Framing

Learn how to structure your content into bite-sized, memorable chunks, making it easily digestible for your audience.

5. The Postframe Impact

Ensure that your audience not only leaves as ‘buyers’ today but remains invested in your message for the future.

“Nicole’s training session was incredibly insightful and practical. From our session I understood that avatars are a tool which help to humanise your audience and connect with them, a way to help you give your audience a voice so they feel like they are heard and you have tapped into their thoughts.

You’ve allowed yourself to see from your audience’s perspective, they know you ‘get it’ and are therefore more likely to engage with you because it becomes more of a conversation than a unilateral download.  I left the training feeling empowered. Nicole perfectly blends the theory of how to communicate with really practical demonstrations of effective tools to bring this to life. Thanks Nicole, I know that all my communications as a legal compliance specialist – whether I’m delivering training or simply trying to engage business partners to collaborate – will benefit as a result.”

 Jenni Woolf Legal Counsel at Save The Children International

Register for our weekly Frame Training Method™ workshops, each focusing on a different aspect of this proven methodology. Earn CPD points while gaining valuable insights. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your training and communication skills. 

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