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About Untold Compliance

Untold Compliance is the brainchild of Nicole Rose.

Nicole is a UK and Australian qualified lawyer who has spent the past twenty years working with global organisations transforming legal and compliance programs using training, engagement, creativity, and communication strategies.

Working with regulators, employees, executives, and boards in complex legal and compliance global environments in mining, banking, tech, education, retail, non for profit and insurance, Nicole has firsthand experience of what works to transform legal and compliance from a program to a culture.

Nicole believes that the principles of effective communication and training strategies that she shares in Untold Compliance are effective whatever your size, industry, culture or, country.

Untold Compliance terminology

One of the key principles that Nicole teaches is the importance of preparing people’s brains to take in our content and to remember it through the art of the preframe and the post frame, which is part of her Frame Training Method™ program.

The preframe is how we share before we share it fully. It can influence the way people think about a topic, issue, or situation and help them to recall the information they are learning, particularly when it is new.

It’s more than an explanation or introduction. Think of it like a movie trailer. It’s designed to invigorate, inspire, and instill a sense of ‘must have’ or curiosity in the recipient.

The post frame is how we help people to remember and embed the information they have learnt. It usually entails a summary of three to five key takeaways that we want to reinforce and a few action items.

Nicole shares the science about how the preframe and postframe helps our brains understand and retain new content, which is in Nicole’s new book Told, How in-house legal and compliance professionals secure airtime, gain traction and transform organisations.


Nicole Rose

Nicole is a dual-qualified internationally recognised lawyer in the UK & Australia. She is also co-host of the compliance podcast, The Eight Mindsets and creator of The Frame Training Method ™. 

Nicole trained and qualified at CMS Cameron McKenna in London and continued in private practice in London for a few years. Following this, Nicole moved in-house working in large organisations as a trusted legal adviser to CEOs and the Executive Suite.  

As a former Head of Legal, Risk and Compliance and trusted legal and compliance adviser to CEOs and Boards, Nicole is typically brought in to develop and implement compliance frameworks and training programs. For example, Rio Tinto brought Nicole in to design and implement compliance training across 60,000 employees, Rabobank brought Nicole in to revolutionize compliance across every one of its branches in Australia.  

She has also worked with other global brands including Aristocrat, Airbus, City of London Police, Deliveroo, LinkedIn, Microsoft, National Association of Corporate Directors (US), ResMed, Rolls Royce, Oxfam, Trace International, Wesfarmers, Westpac & more.  

Nicole’s mission is to empower professionals to use their existing creative assets to rejuvenate ineffective training and produce effective transfer of their knowledge to others in a way that is engaging and meaningful.  

Through The Frame Training Method™ Nicole empowers in-house compliance and legal teams to produce and deliver engaging courses and workshops to encourage people to speak up, reduce breaches and demonstrate a positive culture of ethics, integrity and compliance. 

Using her creativity and experience training running legal and compliance initiatives, Nicole designs and implement risk, compliance, ESG, governance and legal frameworks and lead transformational change projects to create a culture of compliance.  


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